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    At the time my name was Charlotte Doyle. And though brother and sister, to our true home, which was in Providence, Rhode Island. Lest you think that my. The True Confessions of Charlotte - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read book online. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. Readers theatre excerpt. 13 voices. VOICE 1 (CHARLOTTE). Not every thirteen-year-old girl is accused of.

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    The True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle Pdf

    This is a note/lapbook for the novel, “The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” by Avi. Some pages will make up the notebook and others are to cut and paste. Study Guide for. The True. Confessions of. Charlotte Doyle by Avi. T H E. G L E N C O E. L I T E R A T U R E. L I B R A R Y. Charlotte Doyle is the most dynamic character in the book while the only thing dynamic about the crewmates is their change in heart for Miss Doyle. Charlotte.

    Plot[ edit ] The story starts in the early summer of , as thirteen-year-old Charlotte Doyle prepares to take a voyage from Liverpool , England, to her family's new home in Providence, Rhode Island. Her upper class upbringing and her education give her a very sheltered and narrow view of life. Charlotte finds herself the only passenger and the only female on the ship, the Seahawk. Repeatedly, people tell her she should not be on the ship, but her escort, Mr. Grummage, insists Charlotte go. On her first day aboard, a black sailor named Zachariah gives her a dirk for protection. He also warns Charlotte about Captain Jaggery which Charlotte does not believe. The captain and Charlotte become very close, and he says that if she ever sees anything suspicious, she must tell him. After spotting a round-robin , a sign of mutiny, Charlotte warns Jaggery, who heads off the rebellion and kills its ringleader. Charlotte is distressed when Captain Jaggery and 1st mate Mr. Hollybrass whip Zachariah for 50 lashes. Charlotte tries to protect Zachariah by grabbing the whip, but accidentally hits the captain's face. Jaggery is enraged and whips Zachariah mercilessly, leading to his death and funeral.

    How long did it take your grandfather to to his illness? We brought back from Florida a rare and plant for our garden. As the watchman saw the truck approaching, he began to frantically. I never to take my duties lightly, John promised. Who would have thought that a dog named Nipper would be so?

    The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle - Chapter 4 Summary & Analysis

    The ship was infested with all sort of disgusting. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle is filled with terms that are unfamiliar to readers of the 21 st century especially for those of us who have never been on an old sailing ship.

    Match each of the terms in the left hand column with its correct meaning on the right. You may wish to consult the novel's Appendix or a dictionary in your pursuit of the correct answers.

    A shilling 1 The name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory.

    Other books: THE NURBS BOOK

    B spar 2 The part of a ship providing accommodations for passengers with the cheapest tickets. C scrimshaw 3 A short dagger.

    D gangplank 4 The system of ropes, cables, or chains employed to support a ship's masts. E dirk 5 The part of a ship's upper deck near the stern, traditionally reserved for officers. F bowsprit 6 A former British coin worth 12 pence G steerage 7 A pole extending forward from a ship's bow.

    H bulkhead 8 A dividing wall or barrier between compartments in a ship. I quarterdeck 9 A thick, strong pole such as is used for a mast or yard on a ship.

    J rigging 10 Used as a ramp to board or disembark from a ship or boat. Now find three additional challenging words from these chapters which sailors of would be quite familiar with, and beside each write a brief definition.

    Word Definition 9 10 Questions 1.

    What is the setting of the story at the beginning of Chapter One? Remember setting includes both time and place.

    Although Mr. Grummage only appears in the first couple of chapters of our novel he has an important influence on the course of events for Charlotte.

    What is your impression of Mr. Grummage's character?

    Be sure to support your answer with details. What unexpected complication made Charlotte very reluctant to board the Seahawk? An Eye For Detail. The Seahawk was known as a, a two- ship weighing about tons. It was feet from stern to bow and was probably built in the late century. Describe Charlotte's quarters on the Seahawk. What disturbing warning did Barlow give to Charlotte?

    Describe her response to this warning. What were Zachariah's responsibilities aboard the Seahawk? What was your impression of him? Why do you think Charlotte was rude to Zachariah when he tried to befriend her? Do you think this was wise?

    Why or why not? What did Zachariah give Charlotte? What did she do with this surprising gift? From what you have learned of Charlotte so far in the novel, think of one character trait she possesses which you would consider a strength and one character trait that you would consider a weakness.

    Support your choices with examples from the story. The second mate typically stands the navigation watch from noon to p. Anagrams An anagram is a word that is formed by changing the order of the letters of another word.

    Captain Jaggery says that even though the crew is short one mate, each watch must be fully manned. Morgan objects, saying that this means that someone will have to work an extra shift and that no captain can ask this of a crew, except in an emergency. The captain tells Morgan that this is an emergency. Charlotte makes her way to the galley where she finds Fisk and asks him about what happened on deck.

    Fisk tells her that the captain is trying to work them until they drop by requiring extra shifts. Charlotte offers to help with the workload, but Fisk scoffs and says that she is the "lady passenger, Miss Doyle. The informer" Charlotte returns to her cabin.

    The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

    She puts on the seamen's clothes that Zachariah had given her. He presents her with three choices, all of which she refuses, and flees Jaggery. The Captain attempts to kill her in front of the crew, but falls off the ship to his death. Zachariah leads the crew in naming Charlotte as captain, but she serves primarily as a figurehead for Zachariah due to her lack of experience.

    WebQuest: The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

    They land in Providence, Rhode Island, 12 hours later. When the Seahawk arrives in Rhode Island, Charlotte returns to her old "proper" behavior and dress. She intends to hide what happened from her family, but her father reads her journal of the voyage.

    He is appalled, burns the diary, and tells Charlotte that she will be punished and reformed.

    Charlotte finally decides to escape from her home one night, and returns to the Seahawk to be a sailor with Zachariah and the crew. Themes[ edit ] Class and gender play a substantial role in the novel and help to frame it as a quest story. This element of metafiction is important to the novel. In its starred review of the book, Kirkus Reviews called it "tautly plotted, vividly narrated, carefully researched: a thrilling tale deepened by its sober look at attitudes that may have been more exaggerated in the past but that still persist".

    From its riveting opening line


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